7 Tips to Choose the Best Travel Backpack

7 Tips to Choose the Best Travel Backpack

There are only so many things we can fit in one tiny backpack but the purpose of backpacking is to travel light so that you can focus on the experiences rather than shopping all your money away.

Here are few things you should consider to buy the right travel backpack:

1. Water Resistance

waterproof backpack

You never know when it may start pouring, (except if you’re traveling to the Sahara Desert), so you don’t want to risk getting all of your belongings damp. Therefore, look for a water resistant bag.

It need not be 100% water proof, but should have water resistant properties to keep your clothes from getting wet. Some of the backpacks have a built-in extra water proof plastic material, that you can cover your bag with, when it starts to rain. So that you open your bag to find dry clothes only.

2. Internal Support

Who says backpacks do not have compartments and internal frames? Backpacks today are built with strong internal frames, only lighter in weight and user friendly, to give you compartments similar to that of suitcases.

Compartments help keep your stuff organized since you only have one bag to stuff in everything you’ll be taking with you. You don’t want to take everything out to find one pair of socks, which can be put in another compartment too.

3. Must Comply with TSA Standards

One factor that we often fail to take into account is the dimensions of the backpack. We often tend to get carried away by the appearance of the bag, but what use is it if the airline won’t allow you to carry it?

All of this information is readily available on the TSA website as well as the airline’s website (you’ll be flying with).

4. Backpack Weight

Before you make your decision, check if the backpack is the right size for you. While one backpack may prove amazing for your friend, it might not be suitable for you because we all have different heights and weights.

Make sure that the backpack isn’t too big or small for you, and is just the optimum size. The last thing you want is a heavy backpack tiring you out, throughout the trip.

5. Expansion Gusset

backpack straps

Now we all know that backpacking means traveling light. This may be a tough job for all you shopaholics out there. So how to tackle that? Most backpacks come with an expansion gusset, which allows you to expand the bags if and when required.

You won’t be able to fit in as much as you could in a regular suitcase, but you won’t have to stop yourself from buying anything at all, either.

6. Never Go for a Top Loader

A top loader backpack is one in which you put stuff from the top, compared to a front loader backpack, which allows you to put in stuff like you do in a regular suitcase.

Our advice: Always go for a front loader backpack. This way, you can have access to everything in the bag without having to toss out everything to find a single item.

7. Padded Hip and Shoulder Strap

Before everything comes comfort. Backpacks are lighter in weight but considering the fact that they have to be carried on your shoulder throughout the trip, you need to ensure that you get one with a shoulder strap and a padded hip belt.

This provides your shoulders and lower back the required support without putting too much strain and the weight is balanced properly between the two. Travel around at complete ease, without having to come back to stressed muscles.

Enjoy your backpacking trip to the fullest by following these tips. Let us take care of the hassles while you experience the beauty of nature.

3 Hotels I Wish to Stay at in 2017

3 Hotels I Wish to Stay at in 2017

I love traveling. And staying at beautiful luxury hotels is my passion. I am not the kind of guy who loves buying luxury cars, watches, gadgets, etc.

No. I really don’t like buying a sports car and turning heads. But I really enjoy the comfort of a fiver star hotel room, the pool, the spa and all the facilities there.

I can’t resist traveling and I can’t stay away from renting rooms at luxury hotels.

So 2017 has just started and I am going to put forth my new year resolutions for 2017. I am still working on destinations to travel this year and I will come up with a list soon. Here are few hotels I would like to stay at in 2017:

3. Four Seasons Golden Triangle, Thailand

I plan to visit Thailand in May or June. And I plan to stay a Four Seasons Golden Triangle hotel. It is surrounded by majestic mountains and Thailand’s oldest civilizations. Apart from the natural beauty, the hotel has got the best luxury beds, fantastic bathtubs and amazing view from the room window. Each room also features a wide living space furnished with comfortable chairs. If you plan to visit Thailand and have the budget, I highly recommend you stay at this hotel.

2. Shangri-La Hotel, Malaysia KL

Located in the heart of city and few minutes walk from Petronas towers, this is the best luxury hotel to stay in Kuala Lumpur. I am note sure about my trip to Malaysia yet, but if I go, I am definitely going to spend some nights at this hotel. The hotel is at walking distance from shopping malls and other facilities. I have heard really good things about their food and customer service. The interiors are ravishing and the furniture and fixtures are quite awesome. So it is a must-try on my list.

ShangriLa Hotel

1. Burj Al Arab

This hotel is #1 on my list. And why shouldn’t it be. Burj Al Arab is world famous among the best luxury hotels. No doubt, its very expensive but staying at luxury hotels is my passion. I don’t plan to stay longer lol. One night will be enough to empty my wallet. But still, I believe it is going to be one of the best nights ever staying at Burj Al Arab.

I am so excited for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. The level of comfort at the hotel room is unmatched, customer service is superb. I am leaving for Dubai in March for a 2 weeks short trip. Wish me luck 😉

This is all for now. I will keep ya posted when I have something else on my list.