Most Amazing Destinations for Horseback Riding

Most Amazing Destinations for Horseback Riding

An interesting term for horseback riding is “equestrianism”. Who knew? Horses are the considered the most beautiful animals artistically speaking. They were also used as the first and foremost means of traveling. The horse was one of the first animals to be tamed and controlled for man’s need. The need for faster travel.

Man started traveling on foot and soon realized that the horse is a faster and a less costly solution. The world may have modernized and all ways may have changed but the horse still sustains its place. It is the pioneer of commutation and will always be significant in need or leisure.

If you want to experience the wind in your hair while riding a horse on beautiful meadows, here are some of the world’s most beautiful places to relive history:

1. Utah, West USA

John Ford’s movies have become the dreams of many people by exhibiting vast canyons and the countryside along with horses. The Bryce, Zion and Grand Canyon parks house hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the globe. Horseback riding in Utah lets you explore the area to its depths and enjoy a spectacular view. Reliable and experienced horses are available for everyone to travel the area with ease and comfort.

2. Cappadocia, Turkey

“Land of beautiful horses” is what this place is called. Arab and Barb horses are native to this area. The ride makes you travel through nature and man-made structures alike. On one end you go through ancient Turkish villages and the Byzantine-era churches in the area. On the other end you will ride through orchards and witness the many rock formations of the area.

3. Montana, West USA

This is where all the cowboys and cowgirls are found riding the place up and down. This is the perfect place for all your cowboy and cowgirl fantasies. Beginners can learn a lot on ranches over here like rounding up cattle and even to lasso. This place is not only famous for its large saddles but also for the perfect rides in the west.

4. South Africa

How can you get the best of both worlds? A horseback ride and a trip to the safari park. The answer is, South Africa. Yes, you can in the Waterberg Biosphere Reserve, South Africa. It is a malaria-free zone with facilities available for beginner as well as expert riders to wade through the wild on horseback.

5. Valle de Bravo, Mexico

You and your horse will circle around the beautiful lake of Valle de Bravo. The stay is in a villa with the nicest of hosts. The ride will take you through the mountains nearby, a forest of pines and will give you a beautiful view of the glorious lake below.

6. Tuscany, Italy

The route is through the mesmerizing landscapes of this part of Italy and will take you into the artistic beauties of Florence and Sienna. The ancient Castello di Trocchi is renovated for visitors to come and enjoy the archaic environment and get trained by expert professionals. Hospitality is at its peak with marvelous food, brilliant wines and healthy entertainment.

7. Estancia, Argentina

The Argentinian country life has its own place for a horse. Horseback riding is an old tradition there and any visitors can understand the importance of this tradition in everyone’s lives over there. The ranch there is also a packing place for a trip into the Andes.

The 6 Best Things to do in Boston

The 6 Best Things to do in Boston

When it comes to trips and touring we all tend to settle for a site that has got a lot to offer. Just like that, one of the most sought after tourists locations is Boston. Known as the most populous city and the capital of Massachusetts, Boston is a city filled with entertainment, fun and history. There are definitely numerous attractions that will keep you busy, but if you are planning a short visit and are keen on exploring the Boston-life, then here are a few things that you can do in Boston:

1. The Freedom Trail

Freedom Trail

The one thing that highlights Boston’s existence all around the globe is this 2.5 mile redbrick track. The track begins from Boston Common to Bunker Hill and in this 2-3 hours walk you will get to see 16 most historical sites of Boston. The best part about this tracking experience is that you can navigate it for yourself as well so in case you don’t want to be the part of some group, you can actually walk with your own pace. While you are at it be sure to make it north and see the Old North Church where the famous  “One if by land, and 2 if by sea” signal was sent.

2. Faneuil Hall Marketplace

While you are on your freedom trail route, you will pass along the Faneuil Hall Marketplace. This location basically includes 4 buildings and holds monumental importance due to its political history.  While you stroll through the Market hall, several markets and cuisines will be waiting for you too. This means that it is one of the perfect locations for snapping pictures, having food and learning about the history of Massachusetts.

3. The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is an Art, Architecture and horticulture masterpiece. What started as a memorial for her husband today stands as one of the finest locations of Boston. Upon entering, you will enjoy witnessing the rich European-Italian designing including beautiful furniture, photographs, sculpture and many artifacts straight from Europe. The whole decor and interior will give you an enlightening artistic experience and you will surely remember the details of this museum for a long time.

4. Boston Harbor

Boston Harbor

Although Boston is considered to be a non-adventurous state, still it has got some pretty fun activities lined up for adventure seekers. If you are a fan of water based activities and like to jump straight into action then the Boston harbor is the place of your dreams. Water based activities like cruising, speed-boating, paddling await tourists on the Boston Barbour and one can expect some great fun with the cool breeze and scenic water views. And if one doesn’t feel like jumping into such action, they can always roam around the harbor islands in ferries and make the most of their tour. Click here to find more places to paddle board in Boston.

5. Boston Symphony Orchestra

What fun is a city without its nightlife? Well in case of Boston, their entertainment and nightlife has a regale touch to it. While you can party and enjoy dancing anywhere else in the world, Boston will vow you with its entertainment. The Boston Symphony Orchestra is known for its classic and renowned performances and will not fail to impress you as well. People from all over the world come specially to Boston to be a part of the live performances that take place in there. So while you are in Boston be sure to check it out. You will not be disappointed even if you are not a classical music aficionado.

6. Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway

The most refreshing experience that you can not have anywhere else in the world, is in Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway. With its 1.5 miles of greenery, you will enjoy taking a walk in this park for sure. Composed of different lawns, fountains and walkways, this location always has some event or festival going on. So be sure to give it a visit and stroll around the happenings.

5 Things that Make Sri Linka a Must-Visit Place

5 Things that Make Sri Linka a Must-Visit Place

Ever since I got my hands on Paul Theroux’s The Great Railway Bazaar, Sri Lanka became a personal favorite of mine. But it wasn’t till I had the chance to explore this spectacular island for my self. Be it the warm welcoming people, the endless beaches or a trip down the timeless ruins of the sacred Anuradhapura, there is plenty more that Sri Lanka offers to tourists. So, in case you have always kept this state in your travel log or wanted to know just exactly what goes around in Sri Lanka, be assured that you will have the time of your life. Why is that so? Let’s just say that here are a few reasons that would make Sri Lanka your favorite destination spot for life.

1. Behold the Tropical Paradise

Being home to over 1300 kilometers of sandy beaches, Sri lanka will make you forget the Caribbean island itself.  The Coconut palm trees, with the white sand and turquoise water bodies will leave you absolutely mesmerized. The Sri Lankan water favors divers and snorkelers, therefore you will find yourself involved in several water sports and beach related activities. Not only this, small coastal villages are also another attraction which give a glimpse of the Sri Lankan culture.

2. Breath taking Temples and Caves

One of the biggest attractions of Sri Lanka includes its Dambulla Buddha caves and the very sadistic Wewurukannala Vihara temple. While the Dambulla Buddha cave will astonish you with its absolutely beautiful paintings and Buddha statues, the Wewurukannala Vihara temple will scare you for life. The temple features depiction of gruesome punishments, which are a educational trip in itself.

3. The Many flavors of Sri Lanka

Since Sri Lanka bears a unique location on the world map, it bears a lot of influence from both the western and eastern world. On top of that it is one of the most popular South Asian states as well. This mixture can be vividly identified when it comes to the Cuisines. With much influence from Dutch, Portuguese, English, Arab, Malay and Indian flavors, the Sri Lankan food is a foodies dream. So while you are at it, be sure to try their specialty, which features the dwarf gourami in a never-eaten-before avatar.

4. The Rain Forest Walks

If you haven’t seen the Sinharaja rainforest, then for sure you are missing out on a big piece in life. This beautiful heritage site is one of the trademark locations of Sri Lanka, which is visited by thousands of trekkers. Expect to see the tropical trees covering the waterfalls in its folds. You won’t find much of wildlife here. However, for the wildlife enthusiasts, Yala national Park is the place where you will get the opportunity to witness over 44 different kind of wildlife species.

5. The Ella Rock View

The last and the most unforgettable place in Sri Lanka is the Ella Rock. Known for its scenery, the Ella hill features trekking from the small town of Ella and upon reaching the hill, you will get the view of tea plantations and small forests, which is totally worth the effort. Not only this, you don’t have to worry about anything, for this route has become one of the most established tourist spots as well.