Planning for a World Tour? Here are Some Essentials

Planning for a World Tour? Here are Some Essentials

For some, traveling is nothing but a hectic journey, while for other enthusiasts this is a fun-filled activity. While world tours are notoriously known to be somewhere hiding in our bucket lists, in case if you are a lucky individual who has decided to ditch the old pattern and take up such a long journey, then congratulations! You are going to live the ultimate dream. However, before you go it is important that you look over some important stuff, one of which is exactly what things should you take a long with you. Whether you are traveling for the first time or the hundredth, it is intelligent to have the following things with you, especially when the journey will involve a lot of pit stops and time to stay:

1. Your Documents and Money

DocumentsThe one thing that you need to be viciously attentive and protective off has to be your documents and paperwork. This includes your passports, your emergency numbers, your credit cards, Travel insurance info, Personal ID etc. Ideally, all of these things should be packed in a separate travel organizer, so that all of these are at one place and safe. But be sure not to lose it.

2. Understand that Clothes Matter

Keeping the right kind of clothes will help you. Unnecessary clothing will not only take up a lot of space and just cause much confusion. Firstly, know the areas you are going to be in, and then pack accordingly. Secondly, take such clothes with you which you can throw away. This will save you from a lot of packing and unpacking hassle. Other than this, keep comfortable footwear with you, preferably flip-flops because they are sure to last the whole journey. Remember, you are traveling so its okay if you don’t look like fresh off the fashion runway.

3. InstaPot

InstaPot“Wait. What!”

“An Instant Pot?”

Yes you heard it right.

Long world tours introduce you to new menus. While you will enjoy eating out, every single day of such dining is certainly not affordable or healthy.  That’s why, you can always carry the most important appliance of the kitchen with you: The Instant Pot. As unconventional as it may look, it is totally practical, because with a instant pot by your side, you can cook fresh and healthy food easily. Moreover, the food experience might sound exciting, it is safe to say that not all food items will be favorable to your taste buds.

4. First Aid

First AidWhile you are as cautious as you can be, during traveling you can experience ill health or some minor bruises as well. It is intelligent to keep a small first-aid kit with you as you pack, along with your relevant medicines. Painkillers, thermometers, sunburn relief, multi vitamins, motion sickness pills and Bands, these should be a must addition to the health pack. Other than this, any other important medication like inhalers etc, should be kept safely as well.

and most importantly..

5. Prepare your Home

Since you are going to be leaving your house for a long time, its best to hire some security official or just ask someone to keep a check on it. Likewise, hold your daily mail, newspaper delivery subscriptions, pre-pay your bills, relocate your pets, unplug all electric devices and lock up everything before leaving for your world tour.

After checking all these main points, you are ready for your world tour!

Why I Always Prefer Staying at Marriott Hotels

Why I Always Prefer Staying at Marriott Hotels

I travel frequently and therefore I really enjoy staying at the Marriott hotels. I love the prestige that these hotels offer. They make my time away so relaxing and so enjoyable. Their top-notch rooms that are always so fresh, clean and well kept, which makes my stay there so comfortable and inviting. Here are few reasons why I prefer staying at Marriott hotels:

1. Welcoming and Classy

I love staying at the Marriott hotels over any other hotel, because they are so welcoming and classy. They also make me feel like I have a home away from home. That is so important for me to feel comfortable and relaxed when I am away from home, and the Marriott hotels truly provide that environment that I crave.

2. Cozy Bedding

I love designer stuff. So that means I love quality, designer bedding. And the Marriott hotels really know how to impress their guests with the beautiful designer bedding that they dress their beds with, from the bedspreads, duvet covers, pillows, pillow cases, sheets and blankets. Marriott hotel pillows and mattresses have no match in their comfort and coziness.

marriott bed

Everything is classy with lovely shades and designs. And most of all the bedding is clean. But I also appreciate the fact that it is lovely and so soft. This makes my nights of sleeping at the Marriott hotels very comfortable, cozy and inviting.

3. Clean and Refreshing

The hotels are clean and refreshing. In fact, they are kept in such an impeccable manner, so that is why I choose to stay at the Marriott hotels over and over again when I am away on business or leisure. I am a neat freak, and it gives me peace of mind to see that nothing is ever unkempt there at the Marriott hotels. Indeed, nothing is every out of place and everything is well maintained, which provides the ambiance of a place that resonates well with my preferences.

4. Snack Machines on Every Floor

When I have traveled for a long time and am tired, with a desire only to relax and to have ultra-convenience, I am so pleased that the Marriott hotels have snack vending machines on every floor. Therefore, I do not have to drive around in my car or in a taxi to go find something I want to snack on or to get a beverage I desire. And if I want something more indulging than my favorite soda or chips, I can order room service, which is a real treat. The food is so decadent and ultimately delicious every time.

5. Great Customer Service

The staff at the Marriott hotels are very professional. Truly they are helpful and informative, all with a smile always. They ask how the guests are and if the guests need anything. They do their best to meet the requests of the guests on time and in a kind and delightful way, trying to make guests feel comfortable, happy and welcome.

6. Conveniently Located

The Marriott hotels are conveniently located. That is why I decide to stay at them. There seems to be a wonderful Marriott hotel wherever and whenever I need one. I am so grateful to be able to stay at these fine Marriott hotels when I am away on business, and it gives my family peace of mind to know that I will be cared for well in a great place there.

3 Hotels I Wish to Stay at in 2017

3 Hotels I Wish to Stay at in 2017

I love traveling. And staying at beautiful luxury hotels is my passion. I am not the kind of guy who loves buying luxury cars, watches, gadgets, etc.

No. I really don’t like buying a sports car and turning heads. But I really enjoy the comfort of a fiver star hotel room, the pool, the spa and all the facilities there.

I can’t resist traveling and I can’t stay away from renting rooms at luxury hotels.

So 2017 has just started and I am going to put forth my new year resolutions for 2017. I am still working on destinations to travel this year and I will come up with a list soon. Here are few hotels I would like to stay at in 2017:

3. Four Seasons Golden Triangle, Thailand

I plan to visit Thailand in May or June. And I plan to stay a Four Seasons Golden Triangle hotel. It is surrounded by majestic mountains and Thailand’s oldest civilizations. Apart from the natural beauty, the hotel has got the best luxury beds, fantastic bathtubs and amazing view from the room window. Each room also features a wide living space furnished with comfortable chairs. If you plan to visit Thailand and have the budget, I highly recommend you stay at this hotel.

2. Shangri-La Hotel, Malaysia KL

Located in the heart of city and few minutes walk from Petronas towers, this is the best luxury hotel to stay in Kuala Lumpur. I am note sure about my trip to Malaysia yet, but if I go, I am definitely going to spend some nights at this hotel. The hotel is at walking distance from shopping malls and other facilities. I have heard really good things about their food and customer service. The interiors are ravishing and the furniture and fixtures are quite awesome. So it is a must-try on my list.

ShangriLa Hotel

1. Burj Al Arab

This hotel is #1 on my list. And why shouldn’t it be. Burj Al Arab is world famous among the best luxury hotels. No doubt, its very expensive but staying at luxury hotels is my passion. I don’t plan to stay longer lol. One night will be enough to empty my wallet. But still, I believe it is going to be one of the best nights ever staying at Burj Al Arab.

I am so excited for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. The level of comfort at the hotel room is unmatched, customer service is superb. I am leaving for Dubai in March for a 2 weeks short trip. Wish me luck 😉

This is all for now. I will keep ya posted when I have something else on my list.

5 Outdoor Recreational Activities that You Must Try in 2017 Vacation

5 Outdoor Recreational Activities that You Must Try in 2017 Vacation

When it comes to vacations, everyone tends to settle for the relaxing, soothing kind of route. But the slight objection that stands to such planning is, that you get to miss a lot of outdoor fun. While we spend most of our times in-doors, outdoor recreational activities are the best way to break that monotonous pattern. Most of these activities seem hectic, although they only demand one thing and that is thirst for adventure. Adventure tourism aims to push people out of their comfort zone to give them a exhilarating experience of a lifetime. Here are some recreational activities you can look forward to, in case you want to give the outdoors a chance:

1. Paragliding


If you are into free-flying but sky diving scares you, paragliding is the best thing out there for you. Not everyone is a experienced para-glider, that is why you have the option of riding with a expert. The best part about paragliding is that you don’t need to do a lot, especially if you are riding with a trainer or expert. It all feels like sitting in a chair and drifting away. It is a fun, safe sport which you will definitely enjoy.

2. River Rafting

This activity will involve a lot of willpower of not just you, but your family as well. Regarded as one of the most fun and popular kinds of river activity, you will fall in love with the rivers, especially if you decide to tackle the mountainous terrains. Divided in 6 grades of difficulty, you can opt for the one that suits you and your rafter family. However, it is advisable not to jump into the grade 6 until and unless you have done it before.

3. Camping and Trekking


Nothing beats the old school camping and trekking. This is probably the easiest yet most enjoyable forms of forest activities that anyone can take up. Once you set out your camps, you will see yourself doing a lot more than sitting by the camp fire and star-gazing. All you need is the best camping sleeping pad, camp set ups and an awesome companion to get the best of this outdoor experience.

4. Desert Safari

Dune Bashing or better known as Desert safari, has gained a lot of attention in the previous decade. Unlike every other kind of safari, this has become popular for the different thrilling stunts and activities that come along in the package. A specialty of Dubai and its sands, this is one of the most sought after Arabian adventures and usually ends on a entertaining note, with food, dance and much more.

5. Scuba Diving

If there is one thing which you can not even imagine is just how the underwater world looks like. The best way to view, enjoy and get the best of the water-world is through scuba diving.  With your own breathing tanks and professional scuba divers with you, you will be able to freely explore the deep-sea world. And the best part is, you won’t get tired of it in any way.

5 Things that Make Sri Linka a Must-Visit Place

5 Things that Make Sri Linka a Must-Visit Place

Ever since I got my hands on Paul Theroux’s The Great Railway Bazaar, Sri Lanka became a personal favorite of mine. But it wasn’t till I had the chance to explore this spectacular island for my self. Be it the warm welcoming people, the endless beaches or a trip down the timeless ruins of the sacred Anuradhapura, there is plenty more that Sri Lanka offers to tourists. So, in case you have always kept this state in your travel log or wanted to know just exactly what goes around in Sri Lanka, be assured that you will have the time of your life. Why is that so? Let’s just say that here are a few reasons that would make Sri Lanka your favorite destination spot for life.

1. Behold the Tropical Paradise

Being home to over 1300 kilometers of sandy beaches, Sri lanka will make you forget the Caribbean island itself.  The Coconut palm trees, with the white sand and turquoise water bodies will leave you absolutely mesmerized. The Sri Lankan water favors divers and snorkelers, therefore you will find yourself involved in several water sports and beach related activities. Not only this, small coastal villages are also another attraction which give a glimpse of the Sri Lankan culture.

2. Breath taking Temples and Caves

One of the biggest attractions of Sri Lanka includes its Dambulla Buddha caves and the very sadistic Wewurukannala Vihara temple. While the Dambulla Buddha cave will astonish you with its absolutely beautiful paintings and Buddha statues, the Wewurukannala Vihara temple will scare you for life. The temple features depiction of gruesome punishments, which are a educational trip in itself.

3. The Many flavors of Sri Lanka

Since Sri Lanka bears a unique location on the world map, it bears a lot of influence from both the western and eastern world. On top of that it is one of the most popular South Asian states as well. This mixture can be vividly identified when it comes to the Cuisines. With much influence from Dutch, Portuguese, English, Arab, Malay and Indian flavors, the Sri Lankan food is a foodies dream. So while you are at it, be sure to try their specialty, which features the dwarf gourami in a never-eaten-before avatar.

4. The Rain Forest Walks

If you haven’t seen the Sinharaja rainforest, then for sure you are missing out on a big piece in life. This beautiful heritage site is one of the trademark locations of Sri Lanka, which is visited by thousands of trekkers. Expect to see the tropical trees covering the waterfalls in its folds. You won’t find much of wildlife here. However, for the wildlife enthusiasts, Yala national Park is the place where you will get the opportunity to witness over 44 different kind of wildlife species.

5. The Ella Rock View

The last and the most unforgettable place in Sri Lanka is the Ella Rock. Known for its scenery, the Ella hill features trekking from the small town of Ella and upon reaching the hill, you will get the view of tea plantations and small forests, which is totally worth the effort. Not only this, you don’t have to worry about anything, for this route has become one of the most established tourist spots as well.

How Steve Jobs Changed the Way We Travel and Live

How Steve Jobs Changed the Way We Travel and Live

Sitting in a hostel, two beers on each arm (gotta stock up during happy hour, of course), you strike up a conversation with the couple having dinner to your right. Soon, some sun-burnt guys across the table join in. The shy girl in the corner has something to say, and soon there’s a rollicking hostel party.

The music in the bar isn’t quite up to par, so you offer the bartender some of your own music. No cumbersome CD case, of course – you simply hand him your little white device, and your own personal playlists are flooding the hostel bar.

Hours later, as the party wraps up, you embrace your new friends, leaving to catch a flight in just a few hours. “Let’s stay in touch,” you promise. Some will hand out business cards, others will draw out notebooks and ask for addresses. But in the summer of 2011, my money’s on the fact that more people than not would have whipped out a little black or white device, opened up a Facebook application, and handed it over to their friends. “Just add yourself,” they say.

Looking around the hostel lounge, home of free wifi, it’s a sea of metallic-colored fruit emblems, as Macbook after Macbook appears perched on every lap. White chargers dot the walls in hostels, backpacker bars, airports and cafes, and shiny tablet-sized iPads emerge from backpacks on trains and busses throughout the world.
In an Apple world, travel has been enhanced enormously in the years since Steve Jobs has revolutionized personal computing. Music, books and movies are at your fingertips – no matter where in the world you may be. We can do our jobs from anywhere, with a personal office that fits inside our backpacks, available for any job from film editing to investment banking.

There’s an app for that” becomes the catchphrase, as restaurants, bars, tourist attractions, events, maps, and of course, hostels, are easily located with a few taps and slides.

As we travel, we learn, we explore, and we grow. We connect with others, we share our interests, we entertain our friends, and we maintain the connections.

Technology is not a hindrance when travelling – on the contrary, it enhances our ability to make friends and to connect with the cultures we visit. And for this, we thank Steve Jobs. Founder, inventor, pioneer, and most importantly, a passionate, inspiring role model we will all sorely miss. The world was a better place with him in it.

Rest in Peace